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To fully evaluate potential changes post-injury, I need as much information as I can obtain about how the person was prior to injury, the nature of the injury itself, and changes afterwards.

You may already have most of this in the brief, but it is particularly important that I review the Ambulance records at the time of the injury, the hospital records and any psychological assessments (especially neuropsychological) both pre and post injury.  Information about educational and work history can also be helpful, as well as interviews with family members.

To prepare the client for the day, it would also help a great deal if you could encourage them to complete these documents:

To help speed up the history taking (because the assessment itself is long) it is really helpful if the client can complete the client info form (see download button) and send it to us prior

to the appointment.  It will give them time to look up records that may well

be at home (such as work history, medications) rather than spending

additional time at the appointment trying to piece together this data.

Also, we have prepared a checklist of what to bring, and information about

parking etc, which can also help the client get ready for the day.  

It is also really helpful to interview a family member (spouse, parent, child)

who knew the individual well prior to injury.  However, we understand that 

it is not always convenient for them to attend an appointment for a relatively

short interview.  So, if they can't come, it would be great if they could send

me some comments - I have a document with some questions here:

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