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Important information for your appointment

It takes quite a quile to complete the assessment, usually several hours - and sometimes the whole day, so please don't over- book yourself, and take the time to prepare!


Before the day

* plan our your travel - see below

* if you received forms to complete, please submit them

* confirm your appointment if you received a text message

* organise to bring any medical or academic records (including a list of current medications)

*take your medication(s) as usual, unless your doctor has instructed otherwise

*try to get a good night's sleep, and don't worry too much

*don't over-indulge on drugs and alcohol the night before the assessment


On the day

* Don't forget to bring along the relevant documents

* Allow yourself plenty of time to get here

* Please bring/wear any usual devices - such as hearing aids or reading glasses

* If possible bring along someone who knows you for a short interview, but if they can't come I can telephone thenm

* You will need to turn off your phone during the assessment, but you can check it during breaks

* We cannot allow anybody to be in the assessment with you (including children) but they are welcome to wait and catch up with you during the breaks


Explore Travel Options

 * We recomend that you travel by train if possible, as we are located opposite Central Station

* There is limited parking, some options are listed below

* Please note that there are very few parking options for high vehicles

* Please consider that it is quite disruptive to attend to a parking meter throughout the day

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